Guest Post Rules

  1. The post should be Informative, attractive, descriptive and unique from others.

  2. Topic Should be one in a blog (Multiple topics not allowed, you can write multiple articles for multiple topics, Related topic’s information can be included).
  3. Topics domain should be Computer Education and Technology (Not Technical News article)
  4. We don’t Pay
  5. Word range 1200 to 2000 per post.
  6. Do follow link can include only on main topic’s terminology not related topics terminology.
  7. Redirection must be in quality (informative) and domain related website or webpage. [Tips: Include Links to the most successful post of your site].
  8. Make your own image or inform us of the source of the Image.
  9. The post shouldn’t be copied from others if someone claims (Legal Claims) for your post, we will delete your post and we will make a report against your site to search engine along with the content owner.
  10. Send your post on mail (word file will be best if pdf send image differently).
  11. Average review time is 3 to 7 days for each post.
  12. We will inform you whether it is accepted or rejected. If Accepted, we will publish your post on our website. If rejected, we will delete your post and provide you the reason (We will never use your information without your permission).
  13. If your article accepted by us and posted our website you can’t post this article to any other website (strictly).
  14. Post style should be our default website style, you can add bold, italic, quotation, hyphen, brackets and underline as require.
  15. You can’t add your social media identity (link) to your post.
  16. Give a brief description of you when sending your article to us (This may or may not be included with your post).
  17. Contact with us: