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Africa - Question and Answer

Which one is the highest state honor of Egypt?  

Order of the Africa
Order of the Nile
Order of Honor Star
Order of Merit


The Order of the Nile (Kiladat El Nil) is Egypt's highest state honor. The award was instituted in 1915 by Sultan Hussein Kamel to be awarded by Egypt for exceptional services to the nation. It was reconstituted under the Arab Republic of Egypt on 18 June 1953.

It consists of the Grand Cordon, plus a Collar which is worn by the President of the Republic and may be granted to other Heads of State. Although the junior grades (Grand Officer, Commander, Officer and Knight) were originally documented, they are not believed to still be awarded and may have been abolished. In the Kingdom of Egypt the Order of the Nile ranked beneath the Order of Ismail.

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