South America - General Knowledge Question and Answer

South America - Question and Answer

Which one is the highest award of Brazil?  

Order of President
Order of Christ
Order of Aviz
Order of Saint James of the Sword


The Imperial Order of Our Lord Jesus Christ (Portuguese: Imperial Ordem de Nosso Senhor Jesus Cristo), simply named Order of Christ, is an order of chivalry instituted by Emperor Pedro I of Brazil on 7 December 1822, on the basis of the Portuguese Order of Christ founded by King Dom Dinis and Pope John XXII in 1316-1319.

The order was used to award persons for exceptional services that resulted in notable and proven utility to religion (Roman Catholicism), to humanity and the state. Knights of the Order of Christ were part of the untitled nobility of the Empire of Brazil.

On 22 March 1890, the order was canceled as national order by the interim government of United States of Brazil. However, since the deposition in 1889 of the last Brazilian monarch, Emperor Pedro II, the order is claimed as a house order, being awarded by the heads of the House of Orleans-Braganza, pretenders to the defunct throne of Brazil. The current Brazilian Imperial Family is split into two branches, Petropolis and Vassouras, and the Grand Mastership of the Order is disputed between those two branches.

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Which one is the highest award of Argentina?  

Order of the Liberator General San Martin
Cross to the Heroic Valour in Combat
Order of May
Argentine Nation to the Valour in Combat Medal


The Order of the Liberator General San Martin (Spanish: Orden del Libertador General San Martin) is the highest decoration in Argentina. It is awarded to foreign politicians or military, deemed as worthy of the highest recognition from Argentina. It is granted by the sitting President of Argentina.

The order is named in honour of José de San Martín. The award was established in 1943, and the design was made by Angel Eusebio Ibarra Garcia.

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Which one is the highest award of Colombia?  

Order of Boyaca
Order of San Carlos
Antonio Narino Military Order of Merit
Military Order of St. Matthew


Colombia's highest award, named for the Battle of San Mateo estate during the South American wars of independence, and particularly honoring the sacrifice of Captain Antonio Ricaurte, who sacrificed himself during the battle.

The order recognizes military personnel for acts of exceptional valor in time of war (specifically a war to defend Colombia; it is not authorized for civil war, internal disturbance, or international conflict). The decoration is a dark blue Maltese cross w/ball tips, rimmed gold, silver, or iron according to class and resting on a green-enameled laurel wreath; the round purple center medallion bears the bust of Capt. Antonio Ricaurte surrounded by a band inscribed “Ricaurte” above & “1814 - 1914” below.

The reverse of the medallion is white, rimmed gold, silver, or iron according to class, inscribed "Colombia - Orden Militar de San Mateo - 1ra (or 2do or 3ca) clase." The cross is suspended by a ring from a ribbon that is half yellow (left) & half equal stripes of blue & red, with an open gold, silver, or iron frame at the top of the ribbon. Comes in 3 classes: 1st class -dark blue cross with the bright gold rim, finials, & bust; 2nd class -dark blue cross with polished silver rim, finials, & bust; 3rd class -polished iron cross without enamel. The Order was created by Public Law number 40 of 1913 and modified by Decree number 349 of 1914.

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