The Salal Project is on the river

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The Salal Project is on the river 



Salal Dam, also known as Salal Hydroelectric Power Station, is a run-of-the-river power project on the Chenab River in the Reasi district of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.

The project was conceived in 1920. The feasibility studies on the project commenced in 1961 by the state government of J&K and construction was started in 1970 by Central Hydroelectric Project Control Board under the Ministry of Irrigation and Power.

In 1978 construction of the projects was entrusted to NHPC on agency basis. After completion of project, it was handed over to NHPC on ownership basis for Operation and Maintenance. Stage-I of the project was commissioned in 1987. First unit of Stage-II of the project was commissioned in 1993, second in 1994 and third in 1995.

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