Fundamentals of C Language Questions and Answers

Learn tutorial from this Chapter Fundamentals of C Language


 Differentiate Source Codes from Object Codes


 What is the significance of an algorithm to C programming?


 Why is C language being considered a middle level language?


 What are the different file extensions involved when programming in C?


 Is it possible to create your own header files?


 What is C language?


 Who developed C language?


 Describe about history of C programming language.


 Where is C programming language used or uses of C language?


 What is the difference between C and C++?


 What is the difference between top down approach and bottom up approach in programming languages?


 What is the difference between C and Java?


 C language has been developed in which language?


 Which year C language is developed?


 What is meant by programming language and give some examples?


 Describe about C standards.


 What are the key features of C language or what are the characteristics of C language?


 What is embedded C?


 Which level is C language belonging to?


 What do you mean by high level, middle level and low level languages and give an example for each?


 What is the difference between structured oriented, object-oriented and non-structure oriented programming language?


 What is a compiler?


 What is the difference between assembler, compiler and interpreter?


 What is meant by protocol?


 List out some of C compilers.


 Is C language case sensitive?

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