Data Structure and Algorithm Tutorial

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What is Data Structures

Data Structures are the programmatic way of collecting and organizing data in such a way that we can perform operations on these data in an effective way. Almost every enterprise application uses various types of data structures in one or the other way.

About This Tutorial

This tutorial has been prepared for the beginners to help them understand the basic to advanced concepts of Data structure. This tutorial will give you a great understanding of Data Structures needed to understand the complexity of enterprise-level applications and need of algorithms, and data structures.

After completing this tutorial you will be at intermediate level of expertise from where you can take yourself to the higher level of expertise.

Prerequisites for this Tutorial

Before proceeding with this tutorial,you should have a basic understanding of Computer Programming terminologies. A basic understanding of any of the programming languages will help you in understanding the C programming concepts and move fast on the learning track, also you should have a basic understanding of text editor, and execution of programs, etc.

Target Audience

  • Students who are pursuing BCA, MCA, B.E/B.Tech (CS/IT/EC/EE/ME/Civil/Any other discipline)
  • Students who have "C Programming" in their curriculum
  • Candidates who wish to switch from service based companies to product based
  • Candidates who want to continue their career as C developer
  • Candidates who are passionate about coding

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