Java Question and Answer

What is computer ?
List five major hardware components of a computer.
What does the acronym "CPU" stand for?
What unit is used to measure CPU speed?
What is a bit? What is a byte?
What is memory for? What does RAM stand for? Why is memory called RAM?
What unit is used to measure memory size?
What unit is used to measure disk size?
What is the primary difference between memory and a storage device?
What language does the CPU understand?
What is an assembly language?
What is an assembler?
This question describes What is an assembler
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What is a high-level programming language?
What is a source program?
What is an interpreter?
What is a compiler?
What is the difference between an interpreted language and a compiled language?
What is an operating system? List some popular operating systems.
What are the major responsibilities of an operating system?
What are multiprogramming, multithreading, and multiprocessing?